Students and their teacher from the Art gymnasium-college, Minsk


Three girls are coming as the ambassadors of belarussian creative youth, to tell the story of what it takes to be a young woman and study, work, think, and (not) be famous i Belarus.


Come to mingle on vernissage day the 25th of August and hear all you was wondering about but was afraid to ask about Belarus.


Exhibition at Dunkers kulturhus, August the 25th - September the 3rd. 




Ethno-jazz band Akana-NHS



 The moment you get to your roots you realize we all grow from the same soil.


There are few places you can hear authetic belarusian folkmusik, there is even fewer chances you will hear it in jazz version.


Well, these three girls are working hard to make this happen more often.


Don't miss your chance to meet them on three conserts they give on the 24th, 25th and 26th of August in Helsingborg.


Consert at S:ta Anna chirch, Dunkers kulturhus, S:ta Maria chirch.









 Artist Maryna Kapilava


Fragile and controversial art by Maryna Kapilava is something you won't mix with anything else on Earth.


This time in Helsingborg there will be a series of lithographs, dolls and jewellry to see.


How much jewellry can be not-jewellry and dolls are as far to play with as only art can justify, you are welcome to check out yourself.


Exhibition in the gallery Purpur, R (South Helsingborg) august the 25th-27th and september the 1st-3rd.










Fotographer Ludmila Hancharova



Ludmila is coming to the festival not in person but in her works; of all variety of topics the rural life was chosen.


See if there is anything you might recognize from your childhood, or maybe from a tourist brochure?


Will it fascinate you, scare you, irritate or make you laugh?



                 Exhibition at Rda Kvarn.













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